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Looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift?  

Pamper her with our delicious handmade soap, and organic bath and body products.

 A thoughtful present that any mom would love.  

Show your appreciation and love with a unique gift that will surely put a smile on her face.


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LifeStone - Crystal Massage Bars

LifeStone handcrafted soaps differ significantly from commercial soaps. In addition to using pure essential oils to scent the soaps, organic super-foods and naturally occurring clays are used to color the soaps. Shea butter is added and no palm oil is used, resulting in a much softer and creamier handmade soap. It is best to keep the soap dry between uses. The soaps have a luxurious creamy lather that nourishes and cleans the skin. After use it is best to leave the soap on a drying dish and you may place the soap stone side down to prevent the soap from prematurely melting. The soaps are hand cut and are all one of a kind treasures, containing authentic gemstones from around the world. They last an average of 2 weeks to 1 month when used once per day. Once the soap is used up, the gemstone inside will be revealed. The gemstone can then be used to program intentions and carry as a reminder of goals and new habits. The soaps are handmade by Lifestone USA.

The ingredients for each product are listed in the product description. If any of the listed ingredients cause allergies or sensitive skin, the product should not be used.