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Coffee Scrubs

Our coffee scrubs combine a standard sugar scrub with coffee grounds. The coffee grounds provide exfoliating benefits and a delightful coffee scent. They gently exfoliate skin better than our traditional scrubs due to the addition of coffee grounds. Customers who enjoy the scent of coffee find the aroma particularly pleasing. 

Our oil blend leaves skin silky soft after use. However, coffee grounds provide extra moisturizing effects. Coffee contains caffeine, a well-known skin care ingredient that helps condition and soothe skin. For an advanced skin care routine, we recommend trying our coffee scrubs for luxurious exfoliation and hydration.

Please check the listed ingredients for each product. Those with known sensitivities or allergies to any ingredients should avoid using that particular item. We strive to formulate gentle products, but cannot guarantee suitability for all skin types. Please exercise care and discretion when selecting items to use.